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Nicholas Cook - Sunday, December 6, 2015
We’ve got a new website and couldn’t be happier. With the new website we will not only show case our latest listings, but will be providing bookmark worthy content packed full of great information.

We will share articles we write and information we think will be valuable for you to know as an owner or soon to be owner of real estate.

Our blog will also future videos with market updates, tips on being a homeowner and/or an investor as well as changes on the horizon that will affect your investment.

Check out our Recommended Reading list with books we’ve read and found to be both inspiring and transformative. 

There is no need to always reinvest the wheel. The books on our list pack someone’s lifetime of experiences and insight into something you can consume in a couple weeks (maybe faster depending on how much you read a day). 

Our Preferred Vendor list will also be a great resource for you. Instead of searching aimlessly on Google or opening the phone book, you can rest assured knowing that the vendor would not have made our list if we had not been impressed by them. Give one of them a call today!

Do you want to know how much your house is worth today? What if you know someone that does? Just give them our web address and they can fill out the form on our homepage and an agent will get in touch right away.

We are super happy with our website, but if you have any recommendations for things you want to see or that the website can do feel free to send your great ideas our way.

Take a look around, who knows, you may learn something new!

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