Our Standard:

As fiduciaries we are reliable, dedicated, and resourceful people who care and demonstrate our values and commitment to our clients and each other.

Our values are our rules of engagement and guide us every day

Gratitude – We demonstrate our thankfulness through exemplary service and our daily attitude.  

Integrity – Our word is our bond. We autograph our work each day with pride and confidence.

Fun – Inside and outside the office we share our sense of humor.

Awareness – We are accountable and consider how our actions impact our community and environment.

Competition – We look for opportunities to grow our brand, increase profitability and be the best.

Continuous Learning – We are dedicated to learning. Through knowledge we sharpen our skills, find balance and constantly improve.

Equity – We treat everyone with fairness and respect. We do what is right.

Teamwork – We can rely on others and recognize that through our differences we are better.

Service Standard

Culture Standard+

Our workplace culture defines us, sets the tone and expectations for everything that we do each day.

Our People

  • Believe in our mission, vision and values and practice what we preach
  • Safe guard our reputation and are empowered to do what is right.
  • Are proactive and look for way to improve what we do through efficiency and profitability
  • Are Curious, embrace change and believe in the power of a positive attitude
  • Know what we do matters. Our work changes people’s lives.

Communication Standard+

Our Communication is timely, clear and consistent. We seek first to understand, then to be understood.


  • Never use email or voicemail when we need to have a personal conversation.
  • Communicate clearly by anticipating questions the receiver may have and answer them ahead of time.
  • We never use slang or speak informally to our customers or clients.
  • Our communication is concise.

Responsiveness Standard+

We respond with a sense of urgency to our customers and coworkers.


  • Follow up quickly to make sure the transaction is on the right path.
  • Respond to customer calls promptly.
  • Provide solutions or updates proactively.

 Accuracy Standard+

We take the time to do it right the first time.


  • Clarify and confirm requests to ensure we understand the client’s needs and execute with precision.
  • Follow up once the work has been done to ensure the client/customer is satisfied.
  • Understand the importance of “garbage in = garbage out”.

Accountability Standard+

Each of us is accountable to ensure every interaction with a customer or coworker is managed in a positive and purposeful way. We own and stay connected to the client’s request from beginning to end and then follow-up, being accountable for the outcome. If we make a mistake we own it and fix it.


  • Treat every customer or client with patience and care
  • Act in the best interest of our customers and clients at all times.
  • Take ownership of customer and client problems and see them through to resolution
  • Don’t pass blame or make excuses.

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